by Paige Drobot

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Recorded Live November 28th, 2015 at Crescent Fort Rouge Church in Winnipeg, MB


released February 18, 2016

All Songs by Paige Drobot except "Science" (Drobot/Valentonis)
Recorded by Jaret McNabb



all rights reserved


Paige Drobot Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: Alright
Wake up in the morning and I jump right out of bed,
Feeling so productive got ideas in my head,
First I gotta yell at my friends and smoke a cigarette,
Gonna be a manic day that I won't soon forget

Cause I'll be fixing it,
For a long, long while.
And I won't be,
Allowed to Smile.

Wake up in the morning and I jump right out of bed,
Feeling so productive got ideas in my head,
Gotta get a move on even skip coffee and a bowl.
Feeling so impulsive I'm about to lose control.

Cause I'll be fixing it,
For a long, long while.
And I won't be,
Allowed to Smile.

Though we hurt ourselves, keep holding on
It will be alright.
Tomorrow's another day, to try again,
To be alright.
Although your song is sad, it doesn't need to be bad
It could be beautiful.
Be what you want in life, and I'm sure you'll find,
That it's alright.
I know, that it's hard sometimes....ok, all the time
To feel alright.
You could swear, it's not just in your head.
You wish you were dead.
But, you're alright
Track Name: Each Passing Day
Each passing day I think of how,
I could live a little more,
If I only had the time.
And then I try to realize,
That it's all just in my mind
But I still get confused.

Somehow we live this life
Never knowing who we are.
Never knowing how to love
Or who to give it to.
Lost in a fantasy
Never knowing what we've seen.
Is this real or just a dream?
Don't think I'll ever know
Track Name: Egypts
When you see that, you are not what you own.
The essence of your being will be,

And we are so lucky
To be here at all.
Never mind to be someone laughing, thinking.....
Awaiting that call.

If you don't fear it, wait for it prepare for it.
You will leave, peacefully
And you'll know that you are small
Track Name: Nicotine Smile
I come home and you're still there
You ask me if I've been anywhere exciting
And I say no
I fell into my shoes this morning
I woke up, I was thinking of you.
The alarm clock sounded like your voice to me.

Let it flow through my veins, can't you stay just a while?
Burn a hole in my heart with your nicotine smile.

You mumble something that I didn't hear.
Every time I look for you, you just disappear.
I called your name but you just weren't
Near enough.

Pick up the phone cause I always call you
Even though I'm afraid of it.
That's how much I need you,
But, you're always busy anyway.
Track Name: Science
You are not your thoughts, your thoughts are god.
You are an ant, a cell, a dot.
You are not a cell, on this earth.
You are an elephant in the sun.

Universe that fuels the never ending void
Real magic is in consciousness
Liquid ivory resting in your smile
Halve the distance, make it worthwhile

If you grow to large you will lost the grip of time
It's time to find your mind, time to find your mind
You rely on your cells to keep you alive.

Science only knows how, I wanna know why
Track Name: The Future
I wanna live in the future,
I wanna know how everything works out.
I wanna see my future.
Know what this life is all about.

There would be no trees
Unfortunately they died like earth long ago.
Oxygen would be created chemically
For visitors like me who still need it
Track Name: Water and Astrobiology
Figures at night,

standing in the doorway of my room.

The walls were white,

but when I saw the light the all turned blue.

I am I the one,

Who they thought would preach the truth?

Then why, how come?

I can't remember, I'm no use.

They'll want the answers, and I've got them,

But, they're all wrong.
Track Name: Mr. Business
In an office way downtown
Mr. Business waits around for noon time

Watching the clock as it's getting quite near
To the time when he will see the sunlight again.

And the time is finally here
For Mr. Business to get some fresh air.

So he goes outside and he has a smoke
And he thinks about life and he thinks
About hopes he once had
Track Name: Spare Time
The road less traveled nearly always is the road you'll find me on.
Makes no difference what I do.
Get to know me and you'll find that you don't like me anymore.

But experience has made me value my spare time
More than ever before.
Each moment not enslaved is a beautiful gift
From the universe.
All it asks of me, is my creative productivity
And I have the ability to create art.

And I'm taking my time on this one,
And I'm letting it work itself out.
And I'm taking my time on this one,
And I'm thinking before I speak
For once